Relationship Support

The Relationship Reboot Programme looks at how we respond to external factors such as relationships, for example, stress, communication – arguments, trust, sex and intimacy, infidelity, money, trauma, staying close, showing gratitude, and children. These are all factors of a low sense of self and value of self which so often lead to repetitive problems and an apparent ‘urge to repeat’. This is often the case when an individual seems to be always attracted to the same type of individual who turns out to be an unsuitable partner. This programme works with the immediate responses of the Reptilian Complex and when we are able to reorganise our responses appropriately the problem evaporates.


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Who is the Relationship Reboot for?

A “relationship reboot” can be suitable for a wide range of individuals and couples who are experiencing challenges or difficulties in their romantic relationships. Here are some scenarios in which a relationship reboot might be beneficial:

  1. Couples Facing Communication Issues: If you and your partner are struggling to communicate effectively or frequently misinterpret each other, a relationship reboot can help you learn healthier communication patterns.
  2. Couples Dealing with Conflict: If you find yourselves constantly arguing or facing unresolved conflicts, a reboot can provide strategies for conflict resolution and healthier ways to handle disagreements.
  3. Couples Experiencing a Lack of Intimacy: Whether it’s a lack of physical intimacy or emotional closeness, a relationship reboot can help rekindle the spark and strengthen the emotional and physical connection.
  4. Couples Navigating Major Life Changes: Significant life changes like moving, career transitions, or the addition of children can put stress on a relationship. A reboot can help you adapt and support each other during these transitions.
  5. Couples Seeking to Reconnect: If you feel emotionally distant from your partner and want to rekindle the emotional connection, a relationship reboot can provide the tools and strategies to do so.
  6. Couples at Any Stage of Their Relationship: Whether you’re in a relatively new relationship or you’ve been together for years, a relationship reboot can benefit couples at any stage.

Basic Programme:

The Basic approach is a brief therapy working with straightforward issues that aim to change a response without examining the cause.  It works with how you feel and doesn’t make any attempt to change anything else to prevent further problems.

Duration: normally two sessions. Works with individuals rather than couples or pairs.


Compound Programme:

The compound programme requires a professional assessment of the entire dynamics and interaction of the relationship. It looks at why things might have gone wrong and how to sort it out in the future.

The compound programme works with three different relationships: emotional, business and familial. It provides support for working with either an individual or a couple. Working at this level is complex and can help you to find a workable solution. Because of this complexity, you should accept that a lot of questions will need to be addressed. If there is an acceptable solution then this level of work is likely to find it. The therapist – Kim Barden will use a combination of WSN (Warrior, Settle & Nomad), and BWRT® (Brain Working Recursive Therapy®) to help you find an acceptable solution. Please visit the BWRT® and WSN pages – for further information on the therapies used.

Duration: Six sessions or more if complex and working with the input of both partners