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Discover the power of evolutionary psychology through our unique Warrior Settler Nomad coaching programme, designed to significantly enhance your confidence and coping strategies.

Warrior Settler Nomad (WSN)
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What is WSN Therapy?

WSN Therapy, based on the concept of evolutionary psychology, exposes the abilities and psychological mindsets that are inherited from our forefathers and may impact our current behaviour.By understanding our overall instinctive nature,

WSN can help with a variety of problems by making us aware that we have all retained certain characteristics of the three ancient tribes: the Warriors, Settlers, and Nomads.

We all have characteristics from each ‘part,’ but we are usually predisposed to a single part or a combination of two. The Warrior is powerful, resolute, and organisational; the Settler is friendly, intuitive, and adaptable; and the Nomad is restless, charismatic, and innovative. There is neither a ‘best’ nor ‘worst’ personality type, and each has both positive and negative characteristics.

The Warrior Settler Nomad Coaching Programme is a transformative journey designed to unlock personal growth and fulfillment. Through a blend of ancient wisdom and modern coaching techniques, participants embark on a profound exploration of their inner selves, discovering their unique strengths and passions.

The programme guides individuals through the roles of Warrior, embodying courage and resilience; Settler, fostering stability and connection; and Nomad, embracing curiosity and adaptability.

With expert guidance from Kim, participants cultivate a balanced approach to life, harnessing their inner warrior spirit while nurturing a sense of belonging and exploring new horizons. It’s a holistic path towards empowerment and self-realisation.



Client Success Stories

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James M.

Thanks for helping me today with BWRT! Amazing modality! Kim is a talented and very personable therapist! Message her to learn more!


Sarah T.

Kim has been very helpful in my journey in the face of anxiety and burn out. I highly recommend working with Kim. To me this therapy has been a game changer reprogramming a way thinking, with a high tendency to overthink and considering new pathways I didn’t think accessible in the neural web


Michael D.

After doing psychotherapy for a couple of years and I decided to try something different and came across Kim and I am glad I did. We have done 3 sessions and I know feel that I know much more about myself and feel more confident and much calmer. I couldn’t recommend Kim more and I feel excited for the future.

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Meet Kim Barden, Clinical Therapist

Kim Barden is a distinguished clinical therapist specializing in BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® (BWRT), psychotherapy, and clinical hypnotherapy. With over a decade of experience, Kim holds advanced certifications in BWRT for trauma, stress, and anxiety management. Her approach integrates evolutionary psychology principles to help clients overcome emotional and psychological challenges, empowering them to lead fulfilling lives.

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