Therapy Programme Packages

At Kim Barden Therapies, we are committed to helping you achieve lasting positive change through the power of BWRT and Hypnotherapy. Our therapy programmes are tailored to address your unique needs and challenges. Explore our packages to discover the support that best suits you and its fees.

Fees Kim Barden
Single Session

DURATION: One session

Session Length: 1.5 hours

What’s included:
•  Initial Assessment Session 
•  BWRT (Levels) 1 / Hypnotherapy Session
• Personalised Treatment Plan

Who It’s For:

For individuals who would  prefer to pay for their sessions on a weekly basis.

Price: £110.00


Package A: Phobias

Fear Less, Live More: Overcoming Phobias Together

DURATION: Three Weeks

Session Length: 1.5 hours

What’s included:
• Initial Assessment Session
• Weekly One-on-one BWRT (Levels) 1 / Hypnotherapy Sessions
• Personalised Treatment Plan
• Progress Tracking

Who It’s For:
Phobias are intense and irrational fears of specific objects, situations, or experiences, often leading to anxiety and avoidance behaviours that can significantly disrupt a person’s daily life.

Phobias can significantly impact a person’s life, but BWRT or Hypnosis can help individuals manage and overcome their fears by targeting and reprogramming the automatic and irrational thought patterns associated with their specific fear triggers.

Price: £327.00


Package B. Anxiety & Depression

Navigating Each Day, Despite the Storm Inside

Duration: Six Weeks

Session Length: 1.5 hours

What’s included:
• Initial Consultation and Assessment
• Weekly one-to-one BWRT Level 1 & 2 / Hypnotherapy Sessions
• Personalised Treatment Plan
• Progress Tracking

Who It’s For:
Anyone facing the day with a heavy heart, battling the relentless waves of anxiety and the weight of situational depression, determined to find moments of solace and strength amid the struggle.

  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Depression (Situational)
  • Anger
  • Resilience
  • Procrastination
  • OCD

Individuals grappling with anxiety and depression may benefit from BWRT or hypnosis as these therapeutic approaches can offer valuable tools for rewiring thought patterns, reducing distress, and fostering a path towards emotional healing and well-being.

Price: £594.00


Package C: Addictions

Breaking Free: Embrace Recovery, Reclaim Life

Duration: Eight Weeks

Session Length: 1.5 hours

What’s included:
• Initial Consultation and Assessment
• Weekly one-on-one BWRT Level 2/ Hypnotherapy Sessions
• Personalised Treatment Plan
• Progress Tracking
• Hypnotherapy Recordings

Who it’s for?

Ideal for anyone wanting to address issues such as addictive behaviour. Addictions are complex and often debilitating conditions characterised by a compulsive need for a substance or behaviour, which can have profound negative impacts on an individual’s physical and mental health, relationships, and overall quality of life.

  • Alcoholism
  • Gambling
  • Depression
  • Smoking
  • Eating Disorders
  • Binge Eating and Drinking
  • Sexual Obsession/Addiction
  • OCD
  • Substance Abuse.

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT) has shown promise in aiding individuals in their journey to overcome addictions by targeting and reshaping the underlying thought patterns and triggers associated with addictive behaviours, promoting lasting change and a path toward recovery.


Price: £792.00


Package D: HypnoQuit

HypnoQuit: Break Free from Smoking with the Power of Your Mind

Session Length – up to 2 hours.

Duration: Plus two free sessions if not successful

Hypnosis can be a valuable tool in smoking cessation by helping individuals access their subconscious mind to change their deep-seated beliefs and behaviours associated with smoking, making it easier to quit and remain smoke-free.

Price: £295.00


Package E: HypnoTrim

HypnoTrim: Your Journey to Weight Loss Success

Duration: Four Weeks

Session Length: 1.5 hours

Unlock Your Ideal You: Transforming Lives, One Pound at a Time

What’s Included:

  • Initial Assessment
  • Weekly One-on-One Hypnotherapy Sessions
  • Personalised Treatment Plan
  • Progress Tracking
  • Extra Goodies: Fact Sheets, Magazines, Posters
  • Hypnosis Recordings

Hypnosis can aid in weight loss by addressing the underlying subconscious factors that contribute to overeating and unhealthy eating habits, promoting healthier choices and a positive relationship with food.

Who is it for?

Hypnosis for weight loss may be suitable for individuals who are seeking an alternative and potentially effective approach to managing their weight by addressing psychological factors and habits that contribute to overeating or unhealthy eating patterns.

Price:  £420.00




Hypnotic Gastric Band

Additional Services Available:

  • Group Therapy
  • Mental wellbeing for businesses

Why Choose Kim Barden Therapies:

  • Certified BWRT Level 2 Practitioner
  • Experienced and Compassionate Hypnotherapist
  • Evidence-Based BWRT Techniques
  • Confidential and Safe Environment
  • Proven Track Record of Success

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