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Kim Barden BWRT

Kim Barden, MIBWRT®(Adv) Practitioner

Kim Barden is a seasoned therapist specialising in BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® (BWRT) and Clinical hypnotherapy. With years of experience, Kim has dedicated her career to helping individuals navigate and overcome complex psychological challenges related to trauma, stress, and anxiety.

Our Specialised Services

BWRT® for Trauma

BWRT® is fast, safe, and yet effective. It targets therapy for trauma survivors looking to reclaim control of their emotional responses and lead a healthier life. The best bit is that you don’t have to tell me about the trauma.

BWRT® for Stress Management

BWRT can help you alleviate stress in one or two sessions – depending on the issue.


BWRT® for Anxiety Relief

Customised sessions designed to address and mitigate the symptoms of anxiety, fostering a calm and controlled mindset within a few sessions.

BWRT® Neural Manifestation

Unlock your full potential with Neural Manifestation – honing your ‘success neurons’ to cut through failure like a laser! Harness the power of your mind to overcome trauma, stress, and anxiety with BWRT® and Clinical Hypnotherapy in Surrey and Guildford. Experience transformation and rediscover your inner strength today.

BWRT® Plus Programme

“Life Coaching is good for some people – but BWRT Plus is a faster, wider-ranging, easier and more effective Personal Life Upgrade System and it’s totally suitable for YOU!”

The BWRT PLUS Programme works in the background below the level of conscious awareness to make success almost inevitable

What Kim's Clients Say

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‘On my first session, I opened up to Kim like nobody before, I felt a warmth and a caring nature, and I felt comfortable sharing some of the darkest moments I have encountered in the past.
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‘If you are in need of somebody kind, gentle, yet constructive, you will surely find this with Kim. She will reassure you, give you guidance and support you with BWRT which make you feel safe and encouraged to let go and step forward with a new mind set.’

a brain with glowing light

Kim is a sensitive and intuitive therapist. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Kim was able to address and help me with some complex historic trauma using BWRT, as well as support me and help me understand anxiety in the present.


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