Kim’s Slim To Be Trim

Kim’s Slim-to-be-Trim is a hypnosis weight management programme that has been carefully constructed to function as a workable system that empowers as well as supports you as you progress throughout your weight loss journey. The programme is designed to attend either on zoom or face-to-face four weekly sessions. It is advisable that session one-three is attended on a weekly basis and week four can be attended after two or three weeks. Each session will provide you with lots of goodies involving; setting goals, portion control, tips on good weight-loss foods, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and exercises. As a bonus, you will receive a weekly magazine and useful handouts that are jam-packed with useful hints and tips. I will also support you over WhatsApp if needed. This is what to expect.

Kim’s Slim To Be Trim
Initial consultation (15 mins over the phone)
Kim will collect information about your health and well-being and any medications you will be taking. Although, she is not medically trained she will look at anything that may contribute to your weight issue. We will look at the reasons why you are unable to lose weight, discuss comfort eating and look at the emotions that you are holding onto that could be sabotaging your weight loss.
First session
We’ll talk about the reason(s) why you want to lose weight. We will also look at your goals and what you hope to accomplish by losing weight. Kim’s slim-to-be-trim aims to assist you in achieving your objectives through hypnosis, cognitive strategies, positive suggestions, affirmations, respect, motivation, and confidence building helping you think about what you want to achieve and then put it into action.
Second Session
The second session will look at the emotional motivations and consequences of eating. We’ll use the ABC model to help identify alternative and preferred behaviours for weight management. I’ll also show you how to use powerful positive affirmations and self-hypnosis to help you when you have negative thoughts and help you to see your body in a more positive light.
Third Session
By session three you should be making good progress and seeing evidence of permanent changes to your outlook and motivation. In this session, we focus on exercise and finding ways to move around more as this can make a huge difference in weight loss and overall strength, we also have a discussion about portion control and listening to your appetite.
Fourth Session
By now, you will have made some positive changes and seeing the results of your efforts. You will also be embracing the new you! We will be ascertaining how much weight has been lost and revisiting your goals which were set in session one in more depth (SMART) and even creating some new ones.
We all understand that losing weight can be a challenge but not impossible. So, I’d like to emphasise the importance of making such a commitment and accepting responsibility for doing your homework, for example listening to recordings or filling out questionnaires. As much as I would love to have a magic wand – I don’t! Losing weight takes commitment and determination. My job is to help you to become the best version of yourself and obtain your goals.

“For whatever reason, a client will pay to come to see me, but then expects me to be some kind of miracle worker! They think that if I wave a magic wand or cast a weight loss spell, they will wake up four sizes smaller the next day! I can help people find their own motivation to lose weight, but if the client does not embrace and then apply the changes, I obviously cannot help them.”